Be a flight escort


What is a flight escort?

Be a flight sponsor. Many dogs and cats could start a new life in another country. It often fails because they don't have a flight sponsor to take them with them. If a holidaymaker finds a dog/cat in the holiday country, the animal may only leave the country after it has been vaccinated against rabies and the vaccination was at least 21 days ago. As a result, many things fail because the animals unfortunately often do not return directly with the interested party in their home country, have to be cared for in the meantime and then often have no flight sponsor to take the animals to the destination country.

Flight sponsor means: you take an animal with you to your home airport and the animals are picked up there at the airport.

Carriage in the hold

Carriage in the hold:

The animal is fully checked in and placed in the dedicated hold. The animal ID card is in your name, but you don't have any work. At your home airport, you take the box off the baggage carousel and take it to the exit. The animal will then be picked up from there.

Carriage in the Cabin

Carriage in the cabin: maximum 8kg incl. box/bag

The animal will be brought to the airport and checked in in your presence. The animal ID card is in your name for the flight. Then the box is handed over to you and you take it to the plane. The box goes in the footwell. At the home airport, go to the exit with the box. The animal will be picked up from there. That's all.